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What is TunnelBear Vpn ?

TunnelBear is a vpn software that has a large user base since 2001, versions with paid and free alternatives. The main theme of the cross-platform supported service, which is different versions of Mac, PC, iOS and Android, is based on “The simplest and most comfortable way for all internet users worldwide to enjoy the excitement of using vpn freely.” Because of this reason, TunnelBear vpn is by far the easiest and simplest software among the marketed vpn software. Tunnelbear vpn is a virtual private web application that you can download free to your Android mobile phone and use it freely to surf the web without revealing your identity.

How to install and use TunnelBear Vpn?

Download TunnelBear vpn from Google Play or other platforms and install your device.

After you have installed TunnelBear, run it and click the “Create a free” link on the screen. Mark the form on the screen and touch “Create Free Account”. You do not have to write your name and surname correctly, but it is useful to enter your e-mail address correctly, because you can not use the service without confirming your e-mail address.

In the next step you need to choose the category that Tunnelbear will be based on. You can leave this option as default if there is no other situation than you want.

After you have filled in the necessary information on this page and confirmed it, Tunnelbear sends an account verification mail to your e-mail address. Once we have verified the account with the verification link, we can start logging in and using the program.

After downloading and turning on the Tunnelbear software, it comes with an old radio-like design. The only thing to do here is to select the country you want to connect to and then turn the “OFF” button to “ON” with your mouse.


TunnelBear Vpn Features ?

With the app offering free 500 mb data usage every month, you can only log in to prohibited sites serving abroad. This application allows you to log in from many different countries (America, UK, …) without having to deal with detailed settings, as you start to create and use your free Tunnelbear membership. Thus, services that are not yet available in our country can easily be used by this application. By hiding your data with a password method, Tunnelbear vpn provides you with a free amount of data usage, allowing you to navigate safely anywhere on the Internet. You can have an extra 1gb of money each month by tweeting about the application.

TunnelBear Vpn Advantages ?

In addition to being an open and simple software, TunnelBear’s free version, which is intended to promote use, is the tool for many people to get to know the service for the first time. Everyone in Tunnelbear offers a 500 MB trial quota service, updated every month under the name ‘Lite’ version. In addition, if you participate in Tunnelbear‘s Twitter campaign, 1-gb extra is added to your quota extra with 1 month validity period.

TunnelBear Vpn Download ?

TunnelBear Vpn Chrome : Click

TunnelBear Vpn Opera : Click

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