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What is Proxy SwitchySharp ?

Proxy SwitchySharp application has emerged as an updated version of proxy settings to easily manage and modify a few proxy clients and files in just a few minutes. Proxy SwitchySharp application is an extension with great features for Google Crom that allows you to change proxy settings in a very simple way. A powerful, fast and simple proxy modifier makes it easy to use.

With the Proxy SwitchySharp application, it is not necessary to set the individual parameters for all Proxyler when the settings are handled at the same time. For those who are worried about managing more than one vicarious agent, the product at a later level with the Proxy SwitchySharp form is in front of you. Proxy SwitchySharp has a feature that will help users very much. However, if shared IPs are being used, Proxy SwitchySharp is not ideal for such use. Proxy SwitchySharp has addressed such problems. With this application it is possible to access more than one proxy from the same browser.

How to Use Proxy SwitchySharp ?

In order to use Proxy SwitchySharp, it is necessary to perform Chrome settings. For this; First, a mouse click is performed on the Chrome Menu icon in the tool bar on the browser. From here, the Settings option is selected. Then click on the Show advanced settings option with the mouse. After this process, click on “Change proxy settings” option in “Network” section with mouse. The Internet Properties dialog box for this Windows system will open the Network dialog box for the Mac operating system.

Proxy SwitchySharp – Allows you to quickly and easily switch between multiple proxy servers to perform the process of setting up Chrome to be a proxied extension. With Falcon surrogate feature – Falcon Proxy is very easy to understand and simple to use.


Changing the proxy settings with Proxy SwitchySharp is becoming extremely easy. Especially optimized for Chorem. The “ProxySetters” dialog box should be considered a modern version. The operating system does not need to refill and clear the proxy configuration dialog box. Only Proxy SwitchySharp, which needs to be done, will perform all proxy reporting. You can take advantage of this privilege to switch from a pop-up menu with a single click. It is possible to learn the automatic keys automatically in the right web site to use the correct proxy.

Proxy SwitchySharp Features ?

Proxy SwitchySharp is free and open source. They do not place ads on any web page. It does not contain any malware. It only performs the proxy configuration process and makes it a seamless tool. Proxy SwitchySharp does not come with any proxy server, VPN-like application. This is because the proxy switchyo mega does not block web pages magically unless you tell them to use a proxy server. You can not protect your privacy because you do not have a protective feature of proxy switchySharp. If you do not have a Proxy server, you do not need Proxy SwitchySharp either.

Proxy SwitchySharp Chrome Extension Download

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