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What is Just Proxy Vpn ?

Just Proxy, located in central Honkong, also serves its users based on VPN servers that are physically located in many different countries of the world. If the VPN services are used, the Just Proxy policy explains how the VPN will handle the data. Just Proxy applies to all services being served and used, such as privacy policy, Android application, and .crom extension. Just Proxy VPN does not share the information of its registered users with anybody, it does not sell it.

The purpose of the statement that the Just Proxy VPN is gathered from the guest users is to provide the best possible support to the customers on the basis of monitoring the VPN service performance. For this reason, the connection speed of the users, the connection status including information such as disconnecting, the connection speed information between the devices of the guest users and the proxy servers are collected, and efforts are made to support this information in order to increase the quality of service.

Just Proxy Premium identifies the membership status of its users through the data collected from its users and indicates to its members. It is suggested that users log in their e-mail and password in an encrypted form with encryption algorithms that have invisible quality. There is no credit card or no payment details regarding the qualifying payment history for the user’s account. This information is provided by Android Play Market or Paypal.

Featured Features of Just Proxy VPN ?


Except for data collected directly from users, it analyzes the behavior of users through the use of the Google Analytics extension for Chrom and the Firebase for Android application, which can toggle the button on and off, including the button duration, buttons. Both tools in use do not follow activities outside the use of apps and extensions. In other words, even if the VPN is open, the activities related to users’ other websites and applications are not followed. Both monitoring methods in use are described as industry standards and are used to ensure that services are of a higher quality.

The Just Proxy VPN service is collecting data that contains any personal information other than those specified by its users. If we need to list some of the personal data that is important to collect from users, Credit card information entered by the user on any web page, user IP addresses on the service link, information including the browsing history or traffic data that the users have performed, user names, phone number information and personal address information of the users, Any information about their applications, web sites or services is not recorded by Just Proxy VPN.

Just Proxy provides VPN users with extremely fast, secure, easy and reliable VPN services. In this regard, Just Proxy VPN users have the ability to hide IP information in many places around the world. Just Proxy VPN users are free to surf the Internet without any security problems.

Just Proxy Vpn Chrome Extension Download

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