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What is DotVpn ?

DotVpn provides services with the understanding that everybody should have access to the same web page from every point to their users with the understanding that everyone should have equal access to the internet environment. DotVpn provides free and open internet for company and duty-minded users. One of the main tasks undertaken by DotVpn stands out as supporting the high quality products provided by the customers.

This task requires enormous effort. To do this, it is necessary to design and develop new software and to protect existing equipment. All these things are carried out without sacrificing security or quality. DotVpn‘s servers, which are located in many parts of the world, process thousands of data blocks every day without interruption. DotVpn chrome works with companies that are the suppliers and manufacturers of the world’s most advanced software systems and provides high quality and reliable services to its customers through the knowledge gained from these studies. It continues its services to provide maximum internet security and confidentiality to its users with all possibilities.

DotVpn Featured Features ?

DotVpn chrome offers around 700 servers, providing users unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server keys. If you are a DotVPN user, you will be able to access the most powerful VPN server in a very convenient way through the application on any device. Provides access to the content by changing the VPN location independently of the blocking location in the zone found via the switch locations presented to the users of the Dotvpn. The most busy server on the specified virtual location provides an automatic way of knowing how to connect.

Moreover, thanks to the free and premium services offered to its users, each user is able to access much faster and more effectively. DotVpn does not allow you to divide your internet enjoyment of both desktop and mobile ads. Removes users’ tracers and analyzes from the middle. Thus, while maximizing the security of its users, it removes the limiting factors and opens the doors of an internet world full of unlimited freedom to its users.

Advantages to Dotvpn Users ?


The integrated compression feature provided to DotVpn Users helps to save up to 30% of the data traffic. DotVpn, which serves its users with its own DNS servers, can not apply strict rules to its users. Provides high level of security by providing online privacy for users. He trusts the service he provides so that he can claim that he uses stronger encryption than all his competitors, even the states. It allows users to access all their web sites, video and audio streaming services and social networking platforms with a single touch. It offers its users the opportunity to select virtual locations from over 10 countries.

DotVpn protects the security of its users through the integrated firewall. It provides a secure access environment for users without Wi-Fi security, DDoS attacks and packet detectors, preventing all unregistered connections and freeing users from any threats.

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