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What is Zenmate vpn chrome?

ZenMate vpn is a nice vpn software that allows you to easily access sites in a secure manner and anonymously (with your identity hidden) across all web sites. Zenmate is an application written on the super duper of vpn and proxy. ZenMate vpn is installed as an add-on for internet browsers such as opera, chrome, mozilla firefox.

Whenever you want to connect to a website, the website you want connects to the ZenMate vpn servers. These ZenMate vpn servers serve you on the site you want to reach. All information and internet traffic between your connected computer and ZenMate vpn chrome servers is securely encrypted. For example, after you install ZenMate vpn, type the web site address you want to reach, the web site address in the address part of your internet browser, and after the enter key is pressed, the web address you want to reach is sent to ZenMate vpn servers.

The ZenMate vpn server connects to the web site server you want to connect to, pulls web pages and all information from the server, and all of your computer is transmitted. During this zenmate vpn process, it is absolutely unknown to your service provider or others that you are connecting to the web site you wrote. This process is done with strong passwords, certainly your ip address or other personal information that you are absolutely confidential.

In general, service providers can not keep and keep track of your personal information and data. ZenMate vpn is a toolkit that allows you to log in to all sites blocked or banned for various reasons.

How does Zenmate work?

The ZenMate vpn acts as proxy server logic. When you want to reach a web address, we write the web address you want to reach in the address line of your browser. ZenMate vpn is reaching the internet address that we want to reach if this request is received. And it will give us access to the information from the website. In all these operations, all the data is encrypted.


When installed in ZenMate vpn chrome, the ZenMate vpn green shield symbol appears in the upper right corner.

ZenMate vpn chrome allows you to connect to servers in different countries at any time. Not to be seen very often, but there may be excessive intensity on some servers, so the server sometimes slows down. In such cases, connecting to a different ZenMate vpn server solves these problems.

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