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What is NordVpn ?

As is known, many countries around the world, especially the Middle East governments, are compelling Internet Service Providers to use advanced filtering methods to block VPN protocols and, at the same time, many international websites and services that are not appropriate for the Muslim world.

It is not only accessible to social media tools like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, but also Wikipedia, Google and even Skype. VPNs use the most popular OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPsec tunneling protocols. Governments in Iran and Syria also are compelling Internet service providers to use the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) method nationwide. Since encrypted connections are different from normals, Islam is quickly recognized by the government and is immediately blocked. For this reason, most VPN providers are unreliable or do not work at all.

NordVPN is a Vpn server that provides unlimited access to all desired sites and censored internet content with security focus. The company, based in Panama, founded in 2012, is a company that does not register daily activities and has a personal privacy policy and is used in 21 countries.

How to Establish Nordvpn ?

Vpn installation is done quite simply by setting changes on the network and connections in computers with internet connection. After purchasing the Vpn package, you can install it by entering the NordVPN panel, then downloading the NordVPN computer and then entering the user name, password and country.

How to use NordVpn ?

After the Internet connection is established, the Vpn server is activated using the connect option, and Vpn starts to be used. The same applies to phones.

Features of NordVPN Server ?

NordVPN has more than 745 servers in every continent, except Antarctica, in 58 countries around the world. Using a two-node server link, it uses military-quality AES-256-CBC encryption to lock incoming and outgoing data once, not twice. Among the special desktop applications that can work in the beginning of the system are the Kill Switch feature and the DNS leak detector to protect the user from unexpected data leakage. Shared Static and Dynamic IP types and 6 simultaneous logon options. The security level is the upper level. Using 2048-bit SSL encryption, your personal data is protected so that your security can not be broken.

Advantages of Using NordVPN?


Nord offers two encryption options for vpn users.

NordVPN servers are very fast and have no registration system.

In situations such as disconnections, automatic shutdown technology provides additional protection for sensitive data by shutting down all previously specified sites and software.

NordVpn DNS ensures that all DNS queries are secure and protected with DNS leak mitigators.

At the same time, encrypted chat also includes web proxy extensions.

Even the standard package provides access to 6 devices at the same time without any time limit. Smartphones, tablets, and even routers.

With NordVPN, it is possible to take advantage of lightning-fast P2P servers, and the internet will not slow down.

Nord Vpn prices are $ 11.95 per month, a 6-month subscription is $ 7.00 per month, and a 1-year subscription is $ 5.75 per month. Compared to other VPN subscriptions, there is a reasonable price policy.

NordVpn Chrome Extension Download

NordVpn Chrome Extension :

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