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What is Keenow Unblocker Vpn ?

Wherever you are in the world By experiencing the Keenow VPN experience, you can experience the delightful joy of moving around freely by placing obstacles and constraints on the Internet. Keenow users are enjoying the convenience and enjoyment of providing secure and convenient access to blocked Internet sites using Smart DNS. This product is completely free, but one of the Keenow service’s Streaming Search extensions needs to be installed in order to remove the barriers to your website after the first 24 hours of use. An alternative version of this product will soon be available as a free version.

Advantages of Keenow DNS Service and Its Users ?

It is a Smart DNS application that allows you to have free access to upstream platforms wherever you are, thanks to Keenow service, which is easy to use from anywhere in the world. Amazon’s Prime, Hulu, Netfix and over 80 United States sites are among the non-blocking services supported by the Keenow app.

There are some differences between Smart DNS and VPN services that Keenow service is using. VPN clients with a traditional structure have a whole range of internet bandwidths, such as data related to facebook accounts, dating sites and internet banking, which are encrypted and normally sent via a proxy server in the United States. VPN servers are ideal for an average home user who wants to access only US based streaming sites, while being extremely important for users who want to keep their personal information and identities confidential.


Intelligent DNS adopts a different approach. Instead of sending the entire bandwidth through a proxy server, only pro- vide the domain names required for online streaming. The difference is that without a third-party server in the middle, the streaming provider is located on the right side of the video stream in order to intercept and change the internet connection speed.

As a result of all these differences, the server costs of the company are lower than a normal VPN service, since all the connections of the users are not made through the proxy. In addition to all these features, a certain fee has to be paid. For this reason, the application requires downloading one of the streaming search extensions that allows you to continue your business without paying end-users.

With Keenow application, it is possible to easily access the platforms with the best flow in the world, and this service is a free DNS application. It is faster than a VPN client. You can live in all parts of the world in the world of happiness, which frees you from all obstacles and restricts your freedom on the Internet and provides this freedom. Both the free, fast and secure Internet experience is experienced with the Keenow DNS application. The Keenow free Smart DNS package version has the ability to enable or disable the DNS settings via the tray bar with great ease and ease.

Keenow Unblocker Vpn Chrome Extension Download

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