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What is Pop up ?

In addition to the advantages that the internet will not end with the count of entering into human life, there are unfortunately very disturbing and tired nappies. One of them is Pop up blocker. It’s no longer possible to catch up with the speed of technology, and every day more and more new programs, websites, and advertisements are generating more advertising traffic on the internet. These ads are constantly hindered while surfing the internet. When you want to install a program you are unwittingly installing another program that is not relevant at all. This is taking your time and delaying the work you want to do. The common name of these softwares that constantly bother you on the internet is called pop up.

What is Pop up Blocker ?

Pop up Blocker, the ads you enter every page, except your own initiative, many you do not know ads, surveys, etc. Is an add-on program that is installed to block pages when they are opened. Advanced search engines such as Google Chrome have added a number of protection methods to their settings to prevent such unwanted cookies. However, these protection methods are not sufficient. In that case, it is useful to install the popup blocker plugin. If you are using Google Chrome before we offer you our suggestions, let’s do the settings without downloading the popup blocker plugin. It will probably be with that. If not, you can try the other method.

Pop up Close ?

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • There are three points on the top right corner, click on it.
  • Go to settings from the opening window.
  • Show advanced settings on the bottom click on it.
  • Click on content settings from there.
  • You will see the Popups section, there are two options available to you.
  • Do not allow popups on any site (recommended).
  • Allow site to show popups.
  • You have prevented the popups when you make the recommendation.

Advantages of Pop up Blocker ?


Popup Blocker, if you want it from the settings section of your search engine, create it by downloading the program plugin. Priorities will not be exposed to unwanted software and advertisements while surfing the Internet. These softwares, called cookies, are available to you for viruses while surfing the internet. For this reason, start using the popup blocker application as soon as possible. We also receive mails that are not within your knowledge. These are also called spam mail. These spam mailers can come to your e-mail address once and for all, they can come and go. You have a look at your mail box spam, so you are filled with mails from sources you do not know. You can also block these if you wish.

Enter your email address in your email address?


  • Go to -Add-manage rules.
  • There will be a section called the address of the sender of your opponent, type in the address you do not want to receive here, and select “Include this”. Click on Delete these mails that can be done and click the Do not store these mails in folder option. You can do this for gmail as well. Enter your Gmail. Open spam mails. Choose Settings – Create new filter.
  • Enter the name of the filter you want to create. That is all.

Pop Up Blocker download ;

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