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What is Tunnello Vpn ?

In the Internet environment, all the data travels in the form of a package, which can be easily accessed from outside by simple means. This is the situation where the data containing the personal information of the internet users is taken over by the malicious users. In the event of such a situation, the identity information of the users, bank account or credit card information is in danger. If Tunnello VPN service is used, the data will be encrypted and prevented from being handed over by malicious people. It is also possible to bypass all obstacles to internet pages and social media platforms that are denied access.

Tunnello VPN How to set up Google Chrome ?

Tunnello VPN setup is very easy. On computers with Linux, Windows or Mac operating system, it is possible to experience the Tunnello VPN experience in just 3 clicks. Tunnello installs Chrome on PC in the first phase of VPN setup. After Chrome’s installation and installation process is completed, the Chrome Web Store login is performed to set up the Tunnello VPN. Then click “Add to Chrom” option. The Tunnello VPN plugin is then added to the Chrome browser.

How to Use Tunnello VPN ?

To run Tunnello VPN, which has been added to the Chrome browser, click on the Open and GO buttons on the Tunnello icon that appears on the top right of your Chrome browser. You will also need to create an account to use the Tunnello VPN add-on. Creating a Tunnello account is an extremely simple process. This goes to the confirmation page of Tunnello VPN. On the confirmation page, click “Save”. Then the e-mail address is entered and an entry password is created. Or you can use a Google, Twitter, or Facebook account to sign in.

To activate the VPN account, you will receive an email via email. After the account activation process is completed, the login is made so that the enjoyment of Tunnello begins. Those who want to experience the premium experience of Tunnello will be able to upgrade to the Tunnello premium membership by raising certain fees. It is possible to benefit from different payment methods while purchasing monthly memberships per month. It is possible to use one of the payment methods of Bitcoin, Paypal or Credit card payment easily.


Tunnello VPN Benefits ?

It is now commonplace to encounter various obstacles and limitations while surfing the internet. By using Tunnello VPN, you can overcome all obstacles in the internet with great ease and while doing this you will enjoy your free internet experience without compromising the security of your personal information while protecting your data security and enjoying unlimited freedom on the internet. Tunnello VPN credentials are hidden by malicious people during passwords and online connections.

Encrypted and hidden information is protected under all kinds of threats. Tunnello is among the top quality VPN services that can be preferred for anyone who wants to enjoy the internet in an unlimited and free way under any circumstance, and is presenting the freedom of the internet that has left the limits and obstacles to the VPN users.

Tunnello Vpn Chrome Extension Download

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