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What is a flatbook, what is it used for? We are aware of how far ahead and important you are in social media today. The number of Facebook members is much higher than other social media applications, and the company that is the backbone of this business is also one of the most hosted companies. Having a user around 1.5 billion, Facebook was not a popular application with everything. From time to time criticism has been ruled. The most common complaints of Facebook users are advertisements and unnecessary button applications.

It can sometimes be quite annoying that ads are among the shares of the people we follow on Facebook. Facebook has begun to give priority to design issues in recent times, aware of many of these things that users are bothered with. With a recent announcement, it was announced that Facebook would go from symbol to symbol and from some point to radically change. But for users who are concerned about updates, there are no applications to help them in this regard. One of the firsts of these applications is the Flatbook plug-in, which is the title of the position.

Flatbook will make Facebook more useful and more plain and understandable on Facebook. Besides, you can also get rid of Facebook ads that you are uncomfortable with.

How to install the Flatbook plug-in? What you need to do to install the Flatbook plug-in; The first thing youneed to do  is open the internet via your Google browser. Then you need to find the point where you have three thumbnails in your google browser. When you click on the “other tools” tab, you will see a new pop-up menu here. Once you click on the “extensions” tab on the drop-down menu, you’ll see a section where you can see the extension extensions settings. You click on the “Get more extensions” tab to get the Flatbook plugin. Now all you need to do is type “Flatbook” in the search menu and download the plugin and install your computer. Finally, after you activate the plugin, you are logging in to your Facebook page.

Now that we have the Flatbook plug-in enabled on our Facebook account, let’s see how to use it. First of all, it is useful to note that the Flatbook plug-in is a Facebook-only application. After you open your Facebook page, youwill see the effect that Flatbook has already made. You will be able to adapt in a short time with the application which is very simple to use and have a more modern and more comfortable facebook view. With your flatbook, your Facebook design changes from head to toe quite easily.

If we look at the features and advantages of Flatbook; The most noticeable advantage is that we will no longer bother advertising. Besides, we can say that for people who are squeezed from the blue color of classic Facebook, a more colorful and vibrant page is waiting for you. In addition, the Flatbook makes it easier, simpler and most important to get a modern and cool Facebook flat book.

Facebook Photo Zoom and Facebook Flatbook Download

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